Women to Watch — April

Amelie may be quiet and reserved, but underneath her shy exterior, she has a vivid imagination. Amelie notices the small details of the world that make it amazing and wonderful. She’s always able to bring out the good in others. Although this film is in French, her quirky idealism needs no translation. My favorite thing about Amelie is her gentle appreciation for the “little things.” Amelie showed me how to see the world with childlike wonder again.

#FocusImmigration: Tint Journal Illuminates the Shades of Language

Lisa Schantl traveled to a foreign land in 2017, leaving her hometown to embark on a new adventure that would bring her to Montclair State University. As an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, Schantl was passionate about immersing herself in a new culture and seeing through others’ perspectives. As founder and editor-in-chief of Tint Journal, she is now expanding that opportunity to her readers.

JobConscious is ‘The Next Step to Finding Your Next Step’

Resumes, LinkedIn and Indeed, oh my! The job search process can be overwhelming, especially as graduates embark on their new lives post-degree. JobConscious, a website created by two Montclair State University students, will showcase first-hand accounts of industry experts to help demonstrate that success can take many forms. Non-degree student Nicholas Vassilakos came up with the idea for JobConscious, a “career-focused video blog” with goals to provide insight to emerging professionals.

Vibe with Our Tribe

I’m always chasing that feeling you get when you find a song that just gets you. And I’m never not listening to music; in the shower, on the way to work, during meals, in bed. I need something that gets me through the day. I’m slowly finding the soundtrack to my life. I’ve gone through so many phases but I never get sick of indie. I want new music that breaks genre conventions and sounds brand new. The following songs are my favorites from this past year. I recommend listening at high volume in a moving vehicle.

Montclair State's Petey Greene Program Hosts Project PRIDE

Four presenters sit at the front of the room, acknowledging an eager audience while wearing fluorescent orange jumpsuits. The speakers are escorted by two police officers who look on as they tell the story of their incarceration. The first speaker was Nicole, a young woman whose mother had struggled with alcoholism. At just 12 years old, Nicole’s mother passed away and she began self-medicating with drugs.

Women to Watch — February

My Netflix queue is about a million miles long, but there are a few shows and films I’ll always come back to. These titles present inspiring women that are written with complexity and heart. They’ve taught me something and given me new understandings about life. Here’s an ode to my favorite fictional females. I watched “My So-Called Life” on repeat for all four years of high school, which Angela famously described as “a battlefield for your heart.” Every episode is narrated with internal monolo

Where Are They Now: Gianna Natale on Finding Resilience

“Before it happened to me, I felt like it was something that only happened to other people,” Montclair State University Alumna Gianna Natale said, recalling the life she knew before everything changed. Natale overcame tremendous obstacles on her journey to graduation, but through everything, she has remained focused on being a source of support for those in need. Natale always knew she wanted to make a difference, but it was her high school guidance counselor that inspired her to pursue a similar path.

RIP New Year's Resolutions with Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day is an annual celebration of giving up. That is to say, giving up on unrealistic and stress-inducing goals. The new holiday was undoubtedly celebrated by many on Jan. 17, as reality started to set in for idealists everywhere. Despite its connotation, Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day has an ironically positive message. Setting huge, unreachable goals can sometimes do more damage than good.

Student Artist Profile: Kelly Heil

Kelly Heil is a senior graphic design major with a minor in business at Montclair State University. Heil’s talents are interdisciplinary, spanning a variety of mediums and skill sets. Her experience ranges from photography and illustration to portraiture and creating her own fonts. Heil is passionate about artistic expression and developing as a graphic designer. She is rarely seen without a notebook in hand, sometimes practicing calligraphy or doodling ideas for her next project.

'Lodge 49': Where Lovable Weirdos Congregate

Once upon a time there was a fraternal order of losers, a pot-dealing alchemist, a mysteriously mummified corpse, a washed up surfer, and a forlorn love affair between a toilet supply salesman and a terminally ill journalist. So begins the unusual tale of AMC’s newest hour-long dramedy series, which just concluded its first season on Oct. 8. Underneath all the supernatural lore and enthralling weirdness, “Lodge 49” humanizes an ensemble cast of misfits looking for a place to belong.

Minimalist 'Uncertain Terms' Breeds Authenticity

“Uncertain Terms” was screened as part of the Montclair State University Film Institute’s Film and Filmmakers Series, followed by a conversation with director Nathan Silver. The film proved to be both poignant and visually captivating, projecting a recurring feeling of vulnerability laced with brief intervals of laughter. Despite financial hardship, Silver masterfully creates an atmosphere of authenticity.