Village Residents Are Getting Heated

On the afternoon of Nov. 1, residents of The Village were sent a blast email confirming that “the university switched over to heat on Oct. 15,” and, “will stay in heat mode until some time in the spring semester.” This change came without warning and has caused students to experience uncomfortably hot temperatures in their dorm rooms without the ability to turn on cold air. The miscommunication has caused students to believe that the HVAC units in their rooms are malfunctioning.

#FocusImmigration: Tint Journal Illuminates the Shades of Language

Lisa Schantl traveled to a foreign land in 2017, leaving her hometown to embark on a new adventure that would bring her to Montclair State University. As an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, Schantl was passionate about immersing herself in a new culture and seeing through others’ perspectives. As founder and editor-in-chief of Tint Journal, she is now expanding that opportunity to her readers.

The Notorious ‘RBG’ Lays Down the Law

Carla Gutierrez, the editor of the acclaimed documentary “RBG” came to Montclair State University to not only screen the much-hyped film but to lead a discussion about the editing process. The Film Institute at Montclair State’s Films and Filmmakers Series presented the documentary, profiling Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fascinating trajectory as a feminist icon that changed the lives of American women forever.

Student Artist Profile: Kelly Heil

Kelly Heil is a senior graphic design major with a minor in business at Montclair State University. Heil’s talents are interdisciplinary, spanning a variety of mediums and skill sets. Her experience ranges from photography and illustration to portraiture and creating her own fonts. Heil is passionate about artistic expression and developing as a graphic designer. She is rarely seen without a notebook in hand, sometimes practicing calligraphy or doodling ideas for her next project.

'Lodge 49': Where Lovable Weirdos Congregate

Once upon a time there was a fraternal order of losers, a pot-dealing alchemist, a mysteriously mummified corpse, a washed up surfer, and a forlorn love affair between a toilet supply salesman and a terminally ill journalist. So begins the unusual tale of AMC’s newest hour-long dramedy series, which just concluded its first season on Oct. 8. Underneath all the supernatural lore and enthralling weirdness, “Lodge 49” humanizes an ensemble cast of misfits looking for a place to belong.

Minimalist 'Uncertain Terms' Breeds Authenticity

“Uncertain Terms” was screened as part of the Montclair State University Film Institute’s Film and Filmmakers Series, followed by a conversation with director Nathan Silver. The film proved to be both poignant and visually captivating, projecting a recurring feeling of vulnerability laced with brief intervals of laughter. Despite financial hardship, Silver masterfully creates an atmosphere of authenticity.